This is an incomplete list of tools I've used or use. As I get time, I will continue to add to this list.


  • pfsense
    • Based on Free BSD, use in production environments, as well as home labs.
  • OPNsense
    • A direct fork of pfsense and has diverted over the years to be more of it's own standalone project from pfsense.
  • Zeroshell
    • (End of Life) Opensource router that uses iptables to create a very secure and easy to use firewall. I've installed it as a physical and virtual appliance without issue. I use it in production environments, as well as for home lab use.
  • Unifi
    • Hybrid cloud solution for routing, switching and wireless, as well as WISP grade technology.
  • Cisco Meraki
    • Fully cloud managed routing, switching, wireless and cameras.
  • HP Aruba
    • Hybrid or full cloud managed networking.
  • HP Procurve
    • On premise switching and wireless with Cisco like CLI.


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