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About the new site...

This is my first site since an old forum I used to run based on phpBB . This was about 9 years ago. I'd like to start posting articles based around IT and technology once again. I will be firing up my old server to try and retrieve various articles that I had written up on that old forum some time ago. I work heavily with VMware, Citrix - XenServer, Netscaler and XenDesktop. My articles will be based around Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows Server 2008 R2, 2016 Datacenter, Exchange and various other technologies, both free software and closed source solutions that need to be purchased. I get my hands dirty with G Suite, Google Cloud, Office 365 and Azure. I script in PoSH, BASH, Python, Perl and whatever else I can get my hands on. I like configuration management systems like Ansible, well, mostly Ansible and Tower. I specialize in various hardware vendors, from Netgate, Meraki, iXSystems, Tegile, Dell, HP, Ubiquiti and many other vendors and technology providers. I look forward